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Web Navigator User Manual

Employee Web User Guide

Employee Home Page Interactive Guide

Employee Mobile Guide
Substitute Guide

Substitute Home Page Interactive Guide

Campus User Guide

Campus User Mobile Guide
Instructor Guide for Training Substitutes
Instructor Guide for Training Employees
Instructor Guide for Training Campus Users



Absence Feedback
Absence Reason Balance Tracking
Campus User Setup and Permissions

Distribution Lists and Scheduling Reports
Budget & Accounting Codes and Allocation Groups
Daily Absence Limits
Data Imports
Multiple District Substitutes
Percent Lead Time Visibility
Reconciling Absences
Report Writer
Report Writer Dictionary
School Closed and In-Service Days

Separate Substitute Times

Sub Hours Worked Report



Employees Import Guide                   Template
Substitutes Import Guide                   Template

Schools Import Guide                        Template
Campus/Org Users Import Guide     Template
Vacancy Profiles Import Guide         Template
Absence Reasons Import Guide      Template
Employee Types Import Guide         Template
Skills Import Guide                             Template
Budget Codes Import Guide             Template
Pay Codes Import Guide                   Template
Accounting Codes Import Guide      Template


Employee - English
Employee - French
Employee - Spanish

Substitute - English
Substitute - French
Substitute - Spanish



Absence Reason Balance Rollover
Aesop Calling Behavior and Definitions

Attachments to Letter Writer

Having Trouble Viewing Documents or Videos?   
Inactivating Substitutes for the Summer
Information for Your IT Department

Scheduling Letter Writer Emails  
Using the Call Now Feature



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