Frontline Health Portal Activation


You should have received instructions from your district on using the Frontline Health Portal Mobile or Desktop application. If you are going to use the Mobile app, you will need to download it to your mobile device. If you are going to use the Desktop app, you will use the secure link given to you by your district. Register in either for access to both.

Families and staff who want to access the Frontline Health Portal from their mobile device can go to the Apple App Store or Android Apps on Google Play and search for Frontline Health Portal to find the Frontline Health Portal Mobile app. (This is different from the standard Frontline Education Mobile app.)

Frontline Education logo
Look for the Frontline Health Portal Mobile app

Activation Instructions

After you have downloaded the Mobile app or used the secure link from your district to access the Desktop app, use these steps to activate and access the Frontline Health Portal:

Frontline Health Portal Activation Instructions

Activation Demonstration

This link opens a website with Frontline Health Portal screens that you interact with to go through the activation steps.

Look for a cursor 'hand' to show you where to click to move to the next screen. If you click anywhere on the screen, a blue box will show you where to click!

Frontline Health Portal Demonstration