Creating a New Absence

Absence / Vacancy > Create Absence

There are various ways to enter an Absence for an Employee.

The easiest way to create an absence is to click the Create Absence button in at the top of the Navigator home page.

Absence Data - Creating an Absence 001

Another easy way is to hover over Absence/Vacancy in the black menu bar at the top of the site and choose Create Absence.

Select Employee for Absence

Now, select the employee that you are creating the absence for.

Absence Data - Creating an Absence 002

Important Note: Avoid clicking the browser’s back button during the absence creation process. If you need to quit, click the Cancel button to back out.
Enter Absence Details

Once, you’ve chosen the employee for whom you are creating the absence, enter the absence information.

Absence Data - Creating an Absence 003

1.Enter the Start and End Dates of the absence.
2. Choose the Absence Reason type.
3. Choose if a substitute is required for this absence.
4. Choose the Absence Type (Full Day, Half Day AM, Half Day PM, or custom times).
5. Select a Budget Code or Accounting Code for the absence (if applicable).
6. Click the Next button.

Absence Data - Creating an Absence 004

1. Review “Hold Until” option.
2. Verify absence information.
3. Notes to Substitute: notes for the substitute from the employee.
4. Notes to Administrator: notes viewable only by the principal from the employee.
5. Administrator’s Notes: private notes from the administrator regarding this absence.
6. Finalize the absence. Clicking Save completes the process and Aesop will automatically find a substitute. Clicking Save & Assign completes the process and you will assign a sub with whom you have pre-arranged absence.

Want to manually assign a substitute to this absence? Learn more here.

Viewing the Completed Absence

Absence Data - Creating an Absence 005

1. CONF #: Aesop will give you a confirmation number when the transaction is complete.
2. Aesop will display the absence details such as the school, approval status (if required), substitute information, date & times, and more.
3. Attaching a file to the absence: You can attach a file to the absence for the substitute to review. Learn more about attaching files to an absence here.