Using the “Call Now” Feature

What is the Call Now Feature?

Aesop allows the Aesop Administrator, as well as Campus Users, to force a call from Aesop to a substitute of their choosing.

Absence/Vacancy > Modify

First, click the Available Substitutes tab:

Call Now Feature - 001

Now you will see a Call Now button. By clicking the Call Now button, you can force Aesop to call this substitute right away and offer them the job.

Call Now Feature - 002

A window will pop up to show you the status of the call.  The box below on the left is showing a call in progress the box on the right is showing a completed call and that the substitute accepted the job.

Call Now Feature - 003

When a call is made using the Call Now button, Aesop will make a record of the action in the absence log.

Call Now Feature - 004

Setting Up Campus Users to Use Call Now Feature

By default Campus Users will not have the “Call Now” feature turned on.  You can turn the feature on in the Principal Profile associated to the user.

Security > Principal Web > Principal Profiles

Click the Details button next to the Absence Processing category row, and then check the Force Call for Absence box.

Call Now Feature - 006

When completed, click Apply Changes to save.

Some Important Things to Note

  • The Call Now button can be used to have Aesop to call outside of the established district call times.
  • The Call Now button will only be available if the absence is not past the fulfillment cutoff time for that school
  • No more than 5 calls per absence may be made using the Call Now button
  • If your district is using absence approval with the option to “hold until approved,” the Call Now button will only show once the absence has been approved
  • In order for the Call Now button to show for a sub, the sub must be both qualified and available for the absence
  • Aesop will not show the Call Now button for a sub that does not prefer the School or Building the absence is for.
  • The Call Now button will appear even for substitutes that have asked the system not to place calls to them.  The administrator is able to override this.