Understanding the Approval Process

The Approval Process


1. An absence is created by the employee for an absence reason which requires approval.

If the absence reason is marked to Hold Until Approved, the absence will not be shown to substitutes until it has been approved.

3. The Campus User who is responsible for approving the absence will get an email notification of the absence request.

4. The Campus User logs in to the website, and can click to approve one or multiple absences.

Employees can be set up to receive an email when the absence has been approved.

6. If another level of approval has been created, the process would continue.

Absence Approval as an Aesop Administrator

Aesop Administrators can check the status of approvals. They can also approve the absences if they have the permission.

Absence Approval Status Report
Reports > Absence > Absence Approval Status

The Aesop Administrator is able to view the status on all approvals in this report:

Understanding the Approval Process 004

The Approval Log

An individual absence needing approval will also contain the log of the process. This log can be viewed by the Aesop Administrator as well as the Campus User if they have the correct permissions.

While on the absence modify screen, click the gray Approval Log tab to view the approval log for this absence.

Understanding the Approval Process 005

The approval log shows information like:

  • Who the approval email notifications were sent to
  • Who approved the absence
  • Who denied the absence (if applicable)
  • Time and date that the absence was approved  or denied

Absence Approval as a Campus User

When the Campus User logs into their website, they click the Approve Absences link to approve the absences they are responsible for.

Understanding the Approval Process 002

On the approval page, the user can enter a date range to see all absences that need to be approved in that range. Check the box on the left and click Approve or Deny. When an absence is denied, the absence is deleted but is still visible for review. Multiple absences can be approved or denied at the same time.

Understanding the Approval Process 003

Absence Approval on the Employee’s Side

When an employee creates an absence that requires approval, they can see the status of approval right on their homepage under the “Schedule Absences” tab.

Understanding the Approval Process 006

The employee can also be set to receive an email when the absence is approved, partially approved, or denied. In the email on the right, the employee is being notified that the absence has been partially approved by the Level 1 Approver. Once the absence is approved or denied by the final approver, the status will be updated to the employee in their webpage and email.

If you need help setting up your approval process, download the Approval Process Chart, fill it out, and send it to an Aesop Client Services representative.