Resources for Training Campus Users

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Looking to train Campus Users in your District? No problem! This guide will walk you through the steps to an effective Campus User training including training prep, a day-of training rundown, and other useful resources.

Training Preparation To-Do List

Print Campus User Training Documents

Send Campus User interactive training guide - Course Link

  • Sending the interactive guide before the actual training session can give your Campus Users a better understanding of what Aesop is, how it works, and why you’re using it.

Decide which Aesop Administrator(s) will lead the training

  • It is recommended that all admins be present. Especially when you have different departments which have their own responsibilities within the Aesop absence process.

Day-of Training Tips

Introduction & Explanation

  • Introduce all Aesop Admins and clarify their role within the process. Example: Susan is in Payroll and will be reviewing all reconciled absence data in Aesop.
  • Explain why the district has chosen Aesop and what your district’s goals are with using the system. Revert back to the initial questions document to see what goals you clarified with your implementation specialist.

Walk through the Campus Admin Interactive Training Course - Course Link

  • There will be sections within this interactive training companion that you will pause to point out important permissions and settings your district has put into place to make your Aesop absence process both efficient and accurate. Utilize the laid out plan below to point out key permissions and rules that you have decided upon as a district to make this a fluid process from start to finish!

How Aesop Works - Video Link

Play the “How Aesop Works” video, which will give an overview of what Aesop is and how it works, including topics like absence creation and substitute placement. A few things you’ll want to clarify:

  • Absence creation cutoff
  • Ability to prefer subs
  • Ability to assign subs
  • Can they cancel out of an absence and if so when can they do that until?
  • Approval process turned on? If so what absence reasons will require pre-approval in Aesop?
Note: These permissions will be laid out on the Aesop Overview of settings document.
  • When will a sub be able to accept a job in Aesop until? That is your Fulfillment cutoff.
  • Can they cancel out of an absence and if so, until when can they do so before having to contact an admin?
Note: If they cancel out of an absence within 12 hours of the start time Aesop will not allow them to accept any other jobs for that day of the job that they canceled out of.
  • Can subs build a preferred school list?
  • Are you using the substitute work limit settings within Aesop? If you are, what are those set to?

A Phone Call in Aesop VideoVideo Link

  • Here you just want to make sure to clarify what your calling times are for the district.
  • What the difference is between the morning call period (Day of absences) and the evening call period (Calls for absence 1-2 days away from the start).
  • Subs can turn their calling off and can also modify their call times.
Note: If subs turn their calling off they have to accept a call time disclaimer.

Discuss the day of an absence and the campus user’s responsibilities

What does a normal day look like for a campus user?

  1. Log into Aesop
  2. View the daily report
  3. Print off the sub sign in report
  4. Reconcile absences (Modify any absences that may need adjustment)
  5. If you are an approver you will want to approve/deny any absences that have been entered recently.

Rules you that you want to clarify:

  • Can they prefer substitutes for their location?
  • Can they exclude substitutes from their location? If not who do they contact?
  • Can they edit/create absences in the past and if so how far into the past can they edit?
Good follow up here is to clarify you should modify absences for either in the future or absences that need to be changed that day. Any past absences that they cannot modify who should they contact to make sure that the change is made? Also explaining why they cannot go as far back as they like to edit absences, is a good idea. This will allow them to understand what they do in Aesop directly affects payroll. What is your districts goal with Aesop? Accuracy and efficiency.
  • Can they assign subs to absences?
  • Clarify that long term absences will be filled by admins and not by Aesop.

Important Things to Remember

Reconcile daily and make any necessary changes to your absences so that they reflect accurately in the absence reports that payroll will be utilizing to run a successful payroll.

Main Goal with your Campus User training is to give them a good run down on what Aesop is and how it will be affecting your absence process. Utilizing all of the fabulous training materials that Frontline Technologies Learning Experience Team has created will help for quick effective learning that will allow your users the ability to move forward confidently with Aesop. Focus on your process and how you want it to work from start to finish and allow our training materials to teach the product.

Of course if any questions or follow up arise, please reach out to your Implementation Specialist and they will be able to assist you.