Setting up an Employee’s Preferred Substitute List (and Favorite Five)

First, go to Master Data > Employee > General Information.


Then, search for and click on the name of the employee you want to create a preferred substitutes list for. Then, from the employee’s General Information page, click the Preferred Substitutes tab.

Setting Up Employee Preferred Sub List 001

 Adding a New Substitute to the Employee Preferred Subs List

  1. Click the Add New Substitutes link
  2. Click on the alphabet letter representing the desired substitute’s last name (or enter substitute’s last name into the “Search” box and click the Search button)

Setting Up Employee Preferred Sub List 002

  1. Click the On List box to select the substitute
  2. Select either Exclude or Include
  3. Enter override settings if you wish to override the default visibility
  4. Click the Apply Changes button to save
  5. Repeat Steps 2-6 for additional substitutes

Configuring an Employee’s Favorite Five List

Employees who have been given the ability to create a substitute preference list will now also be able to select five favorite substitutes to be notified instantly when an absence is entered. Shortly after you enter an absence, all five of your favorite substitutes will receive an email about the job (if they have an email address in the system). They will also receive a phone call offering them your absence during the first available evening call period.

Setting Up Employee Preferred Sub List 003

1. Find the Employee in Aesop
2. Click on the Preferred Substitutes tab
3. Click the Add New Substitutes link (if necessary)
4. Type the substitute’s name into the search box and click the Search button
5. Click the Edit button
6. Click the radio buttons that correspond to the numbered columns 1 through 5. The substitutes will be ranked (for calling order) based on which number you assign them.
7. Click the Apply Changes button to save

If “Call Order” is being used instead of “Random Order”, you will not see the Favorite Five list and Aesop will treat the substitutes listed 1 through 5 in the call order as the Favorite Five substitutes.