Rolling Over Absence Reason Balances

One thing many Aesop Administrators are asked to do during the summer break is to update the absence reason balances for all employees before the new school year starts. This doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming task. This document will walk you through the best way to make these changes easily and efficiently.

Getting Current Balances

When rolling over absence reason balances, many districts add days or hours to the current balance that the employee has. To do this, you will first need to run a report to get the current balances. The best way to do this is with Report Writer. The good news is there is a pre-created report in Report Writer for you to run to get this information.

To get to Report Writer click (in the Black Menu Bar)
Reports > Report Writer


There are a number of different report types here beginning with Absence Data. The report type you are looking for is Absence Balances and specifically the report Absence Balance Rollover Report. Scroll down on the page until you find it.


This report has already been set up to pull the info you need, so click the link Run with Saved Filters.


On this next page you will choose what type of output you would like the report to be in. For what we are doing today, we will need the report to be in Excel so check the box for Excel Compatible. You can uncheck the box for HTML. Leave the rest of the settings the way they are and then click the Run button.


You will be taken to a page called Report Executions where you will see the message “your report has been submitted for processing.” This page will show you all the times you have run this report listed at the bottom of the page with your latest run at the bottom of the list. You will notice that the Finished column will be blank for the report you just ran. You should be able to refresh this page a few times and see that the report is finished. If you have thousands of employees in your district you may want to grab a cup of coffee and come back to refresh the page. Once you see a date and time in the Finished column you know the report is ready to be viewed. To view the report click the Excel icon in the Output column.


When you click the icon, you will get a popup asking if you want to Open or Save the file. Click Save. This is a file you will want to keep even after you have completed the rollover process to have a record of the absence reason balances at this time. Save it somewhere on your computer that is easy to find, like your desktop. Once you have saved it go ahead and open the file and have a look.

Your excel spreadsheet should look something like this.


The report will have the following columns:
Employee Full Name
Employee Identifier
Absence Reason
Absence Reason External ID
As of Date
Initial Balance
Days Used Since as of Date
Days Remaining (as of run date)
Days Remaining (after future absences)

The Days Remaining columns are where you will find your employee’s current balances. These are the totals you will want to add new balances to for the upcoming school year.

Days Remaining (as of run date) will show the employee’s current remaining balance only taking into account absences that have happened up until the time the report was run.

Days Remaining (after future absences) will show the employee’s remaining balance after subtracting the time for any scheduled future absences.

Days vs Hours: Even though the column header says Days, the number you see in the column will reflect the number of days or hours that the employee has remaining.

Uploading New Balances

To upload new absence reason balances to Aesop, you will use the Data Import feature. First, you will need to populate the Data Import Template with the new balances.

Save this file somewhere on your computer that will be easy to find later. Once you have saved it, open the file. The employee import template has around 55 columns but for this you will only need 4 of them. The very first column (Identifier) will need to be populated to identify the employees you want to update. The other columns you need to fill in can be found by scrolling over to the columns that are colored green, specifically Absence Reason External ID, Balance, and As Of Date.


This is where you can use the Report Writer report you created earlier to help fill in this template. Data like the identifiers and absence reason external IDs can be copied from that file directly into the columns on this file. Once you have filled in the new balances and as of dates, you are ready to save the file and upload it.

VERY IMPORTANT: When importing absence reason balances into Aesop you are not adding to the employee’s current balance but replacing their current balance with a new balance. The balance and as of date that you put in the import file will replace their current balance and as of date.

To import the template you just saved, go to:
Extract/Import > Import Data


On the next page, leave the Object Type as Employee and then click the Browse or Choose File button (depending on what web browser you are using) to find and select the template file you saved before. Then, click Next.


On the Preview Import page, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click Submit Import.

On the next page, Import Options, choose your option and click submit. In most cases you will want to stay with the option Load all data that does not contain errors.


Now your file has been submitted for import and your new Employee Absence Reason Balances will be uploaded in no time. Refresh this page to update the status of your import.


For more information on data imports check out Importing Data into Aesop