Resources for Training Employees

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Looking to train employees in your District? No problem! This guide will walk you through the steps to an effective employee training including training prep, a day-of training rundown, and other useful resources.

Training Preparation To Do List

Print welcome letters and QuickStart GuidesGuide Link

  • Print welcome letters and QuickStart guides for each employee, even if these documents have been emailed, it is helpful to have a hard-copy available.

Decide which Aesop Administrator will be leading each area of content

  • It is recommended that all admins be present. Especially when you have different departments which have their own responsibilities within the Aesop absence process.

Outline the Aesop rules for your district that you will want to cover in the training

  • We recommend utilizing the Aesop Overview of Settings Document, which will include cutoff times, cancellation policy, who they will contact, call times, and other individual permissions you may have decided on.
  • You’ll also want to define your District’s policy for when employees can enter or cancel absences.

Day-Of Training Tips

Introduction & Explanation

  • Introduce all Aesop Admins and clarify their role within the process. Example: “Martha, the HR Manager at our District, will be the Aesop Administrator. Any questions can be directed to her.”
  • Explain why the district has chosen Aesop and what your district’s goals are with using the system. Revert back to the initial questions document to see what goals you clarified with your implementation specialist.

How Aesop Works - Video Link

Play the “How Aesop Works” video, which will give an overview of what Aesop is and how it works, including topics like absence creation and substitute placement.

Basic Training video Video Link

Some topics to take note of:

  • There are three different ways to create an absence:
    • On the web –
    • On mobile –
    • On the phone – 1 (800) 942-3767
  • Details in an Absence
    • What location is the absence for?
    • Do you need a sub?
    • What time period is the absence for? All day? Morning? Evening?
    • What is the reason for the absence?
    • Any additional notes?
    • Any files to attach?

Advanced Training video Video Link

Some topics to take note of:

  • Absence variations
  • Canceling an absence
  • Absence balance reasons
  • Approval status updates and who the approver is
  • Assigning substitutes
  • Uploading files

Setting Up Substitute Preference Lists

Note: if you have given your employees the ability to create their own preference list, you will want to show them how to create a preference list. Be sure to stress the importance of creating this list. Address how your district will deal with substitutes that need to be excluded from a specific employee’s classroom (It is either handled by the employee, at the school level or perhaps, only at the district level).
  • Play the “Managing Your Preferred Substitutes List” video – Video Link
  • Log in to demonstrate how to add, remove, and set Favorite Five substitutes for the employee preference list. (This is optional since it is demonstrated in the video.)
  • Keep in mind: substitutes can be preferred by multiple employees which can cause that preferred sub to not be available.
  • Being on a preferred list gives subs first view of that employee’s absences, but does not guarantee assignments.
  • The sooner their absence is created, the sooner Aesop can look to find them a substitute. Do not wait until the last minute to create absences unless the unforeseen happens.

Closing Remarks Before Questions

  • Explain that preference lists should be completed before absences are entered.
  • Discuss what date employees should start entering absences.
  • When is your “Go Live” date?

Learning Center: Help and Training Resources

  • Log in to a test substitute account, and show the Help tab to open the Learning Center.
  • Walk through the following sections:
  • Show the “Questions?” link on the employee home page, top right corner, to display District contact information if they have questions. Re-state that questions about jobs at the schools can be directed to the school phone number listed with the confirmation number.