Aesop Administrator Settings: Miscellaneous Tab

Master Data > Organization Information > Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous page holds a number of settings that don’t fit in other sections. If you’re not sure where a certain setting is, check the miscellaneous page.

Org Settings - Miscellaneous 001

1. Pins Expiration and Pin Lifetime: Check the box to determine how many days the PIN will last before expiring.

2. Substitute Preferred School: Enable substitutes to choose the schools where they are willing to work. Options include: Do Not Display List, Display List & Edit List (Note: This is always subordinate to the Admin. Preferred List)

3. Max. Consecutive Absence Days: Check the box to determine the maximum number of consecutive absence days an employee can take.

4. Number of days to warn about skill expiration: This box controls the number of days out Aesop will warn you of a sub’s skill expiring. This warning will show on the Navigator home page.

Org Settings - Miscellaneous 002

1. Employee Register: Choose if the Campus User can view the employee’s identifier and/or PIN on the Campus User’s website.

2. Show Substitute Phone Number: Choose if the employee can view a substitute’s phone number on their Aesop website before creating an absence. This phone number will only show if the employee has permission to assign substitutes.

3. Employee/Substitute Personal Information: Select which fields of information employees and/or substitutes may edit on their websites or phone.

4. Employee Can Upload Files: Check this box to allow your employee to attach a document to an absence for the substitute to review.

5. Employee Can Assign Unqualified Substitutes: Check this box to allow your employee to assign a substitute to their job even if the substitute does not have the correct skills in Aesop.

6. Default Absence/Vacancy Hold Value: Select if/how long you want to hold absences before they are made available to your substitutes. (You can always change this setting on an individual absence).

7. Enforce Absence Reason Balances: Check this box to have Aesop restrict employees from creating absences for reasons that have reached their allotted limit.

Org Settings - Miscellaneous 003

1. Past Absence Technique: Limit Campus Users from editing past absences.

  • Past Absence Relative Offset:  Number of days before the current date when Campus Users can edit absences (applicable only if “Use Relative Offset” is selected).
  • Past Absence Specific Date:  Specific date when Campus Users can begin editing absences (applicable only if “Use Specific Date” is selected).

2. Absences Require Paycode for Reconciliation:  Check this box to have Aesop require a paycode to be assigned to an absence before it can be reconciled.

3. Use Substitute Hours Worked Feature:  Check this box to define a substitute’s actual work time per day during an absence when the work time differs from the time of the absence.  You can watch a training video by clicking the (What’s this?) link.

4. Accounting Code Type:  Rather than entering Budget Codes, Aesop allows you to create free-form Accounting Codes and assign them directly to your employees. (This feature must be turned on by Client Services).

5. Show Absence/Vacancy Reason on Substitute Sign-In Report:  Check this box to allow the employee’s absence reason to be displayed on the Substitute Sign-In Report.

6. Show Substitute Paycode on Substitute Assign Page:  If this box is checked Aesop will display the substitute’s paycode beneath their name on the Substitute Assign Page.

Org Settings - Miscellaneous 004

1. Use Substitute Block Functionality: Checking this box will allow you or Campus Users to block subs from individual absences. The permission for the Campus User to do this can be adjusted in their Permission Profile.

2. Turn off association of existing Vacancy Profiles with School during creation: By default Aesop will associate any newly created school with all existing Vacancy Profiles. Check this box to turn that off.

3. Use Home Campus for Approvals Only Field: Home Campus for Approvals Only was a field that used to show on the employee’s general information page. This was used to determine the school that could approve for the employee in the old method of Approvals. If you are using Aesop’s current method of approval with Campus Users and Approver Profiles then you will not need this box checked.

4. Deduct Break Time from Absence Duration/Balances: Checking this box will cause Aesop to remove the employee’s break time when calculating absence duration and absence reason balances. Employee times can be entered on the employee’s General Information Page.