Leaving Absence Feedback as an Employee

When there is a past absence that an employee can leave feedback for, it will show up under the Feedback tab. Feedback may be left for absences that have occurred in the past 14 days.

Employees can also view a history of the feedback they have left under the “Feedback that I left” tab and a history of the feedback left for them by substitutes under the “Feedback left for me” tab.

Employee Feedback 01

You can change the settings to not allow the employees to view Feedback left by substitutes by going to Master Data > Organization Information > Absence Vacancy Feedback Settings.

To leave feedback, the employee will click the Leave Feedback button.

Employee Feedback 02

The employee will choose an overall star rating based on how they felt the substitute did. They can also give feedback by answering a series of questions.  These questions can be customized or marked as required by the Aesop Administrator. Once they employee has left the rating, they will click the Submit button to save the feedback. Please note that once they have clicked Submit,they cannot go back and edit the feedback.

Employee Feedback 03