Leaving Absence Feedback as a Substitute

Leaving Feedback

To leave feedback, a substitute will click the Feedback tab at the top of the page.

The substitute may also click on the Past Jobs tab below the calendar to see past assignments awaiting feedback.

Sub Feedback 01

The substitute can rate their experience out of five stars and answer the designated questions. Questions can be customized and marked as required by the Aesop Administrator. Once the form has been completed, the substitute will click the Submit button to save the Feedback.

Sub Feedback 02

Viewing Past Feedback Left

The substitute can view past feedback by clicking on the Feedback tab, then the Feedback that I left tab.

Sub Feedback 03

Viewing Feedback Left for the Sub

The substitute can also view feedback that was left about them by the employee (this permission can be changed by going to Master Data > Organization Information > Absence/Vacancy Feedback Settings).

Sub Feedback 04