Instructor Guide for Training Substitutes

Preparing for Your Presentation

Make sure you give the substitutes enough advanced notice of the training session. The more you invest in your invitations, the higher the attendance will be and the more successful your Aesop roll-out will be.

Each of the substitutes should have a copy of their Welcome Letter and Aesop QuickStart Guide for Substitutes at the start of the presentation. You can find the QuickStart Guides in the Learning Center here: QuickStart Guides

A computer with an internet connection is necessary so that you can demonstrate the Aesop website. This computer should also be connected to an LCD projector and a sound system. A microphone with loudspeakers may be necessary for larger trainings. Plan for a 60 minute presentation allowing for a question and answer time.

We suggest that the training be “hands off”. Having substitutes sitting at computers, especially in a large group, could stall your presentation considerably.

Create an Absence

In your presentation you will want to show the subs how to accept a job in Aesop. In order to do this you will have to create a fake or “dummy” absence in the system.

  • Use a “dummy” employee record for the absence creation.
  • Use a “dummy” substitute record for accepting the assignment.
  • Be sure to check that your “dummy” substitute is qualified and available for the absence you have created.

Suggested Format

Introduce Aesop to the substitutes and describe what the benefits for them will be. Some things to point out:

  • They can be proactive. They don’t have to wait for Aesop to call them.
  • They can call into Aesop 24/7
  • They can log into Aesop online. 24/7 access.

Remind the substitutes to read their Welcome Letters since it contains their ID and PIN as well as the district call times. If they have not received it, give them a date on which they can expect to receive their Welcome Letter.

Log in to Aesop ( with your “dummy” substitute and click on the Help tab to access their training materials. Select the Sub Basic Training Video (6 minutes long). This video will serve as your substitutes’ primary source of training in Aesop. Be sure to watch the video beforehand to judge the suitability of the video for your training needs. You may choose to forego the video and do a live web demonstration instead.

After you have completed this video, we recommend showing A Phone Call From Aesop video (located in the Help tab). Demonstrating the phone video will increase the comfort level of the substitutes who do not have web access. Things to discuss from the phone video:

  • You must speak or say “Hello” when Aesop calls.
  • How a substitute responds will affect their future calling. For example if they reject a job Aesop will not call them back for at least 16 minutes with other job offers.
  • Aesop does not leave voicemails.
  • If you miss a call as a substitute, call Aesop right back!
  • On an outbound call from Aesop, it will only present one job. If a substitute makes an inbound call into Aesop, they can hear all jobs (another benefit of being proactive).

Once you have completed the phone video, go back to the substitute homepage (home icon), view, and accept the fake job you have created. This final step will demonstrate just how easy it is to accept a job in Aesop.

Be sure to encourage the substitutes to log into their Aesop websites and re-watch the training videos on their own time (which they all have access to in their Help tabs).

Remind them to be proactive. They can call into Aesop or log into Aesop anytime – 24/7.

Jobulator- If you will be utilizing this feature, discuss the benefits and how to sign up ( You can also show them the demo from this site.