Importing Location Data to Update Absence Times

Administrators must perform a series of tasks to prepare for an upcoming school year and one job from this “checklist” involves updating school absence times. Smaller districts can simply perform an update directly to the school’s general information page but other larger districts require a faster and more efficient method. (*Cue imports!) Administrators of larger districts can create a personalized report and import their updated data directly into Aesop.

Running the Report

Reports > Report Writer
Access Report Writer and select Create New beside the “School Information” heading.


From here, you can include all the necessary fields for this report. Click and drag the Name, Web ID, Start Time, Half Day Break, Half Day Break 2, and End Time fields into the center box.

Take note, some districts may also require an update to Substitute Report Times. If your system requires this update, you can include the Substitute Start Time, Substitute Half Day Break, Substitute Half Day Break 2, and Substitute End Times.


Once complete, click Save & Run. This action opens additional setting options. Click the checkbox beside the Excel (csv) output option and click Run.


Next, click Download as Excel Compatible (CSV) and open the spreadsheet.

Editing Absence Time Data

The spreadsheet lists the data for each field option you selected in Report Writer. Edit the necessary information within the Start Time, Half Day Break 1, Half Day Break 2, and End Time columns. (Pssst, super helpful tip. Always remember to include AM or PM!)


Nicely done! Now, save your spreadsheet and prepare to upload the information into Aesop!

Importing Absence Time Data

Extract/Import > Import Data
Select School from the dropdown box and click Choose File to locate and upload your spreadsheet.


You can then click Next and proceed to preview and configure your import options.

And there you have it! Aesop updates your absence times and helps you prepare for a great upcoming school year!

If you have any additional questions or curiosities about the import process, consider referencing this article!