Getting Started with Aesop

Whether you are brand new to Aesop or you are just looking for a little guidance, here are some some things you should find helpful.

Some basic concepts to understand

Watch this video to see how different pieces in Aesop work together. Things like Employee Types, Absence Reasons, Absence Approval, and Data Imports are covered. This video is a helpful tool in the setup process to get Aesop up and running.

Articles that will be helpful in the setup process

Creating a New Absence

Adding New Absence Reasons

School Settings: General Information
School Settings: Changing a School’s Address
School Settings: Fixed or Relative Mode
Setting Up a School’s Preferred Substitutes List

How Does Skill Matching Work?
Adding New Skills in Reference Data
Adding Skills to an Employee’s Profile
Adding Skills to a Substitute’s Profile

Org Settings: School Closings
Adding Closed Days to the School Calendar
Adding In-Service Days to the School Calendar

Setting Up a New Campus User

Setting Up Absence Approvals

Resources for Training Your Users

Instructor Guide for Training Employees
Employee Web Basic Training Video
Employee Web Advanced Training Video
Employee Learning Center

Instructor Guide for Training Substitutes
Substitute Web Basic Training Video
Substitute Learning Center

Instructor Guide for Training Campus Users
Campus User Learning Center

QuickStart Guides for Employees and Substitutes

Go Live with Aesop

Are you ready to Go Live with Aesop? Print out the checklist and follow along with this short video to double check that all systems are go.