Fixing a NODUP Error

In some cases, Administrators may create an employee account for a substitute or vice versa. This data transfer duplicates the user’s details (including the PIN) but Aesop requires a unique PIN for each profile. The system’s inability to duplicate this PIN causes a “NODUP” (no duplicates) error but you can remedy this within a few quick steps! As an overview, you must first locate the user and select the option to create the new profile.


This transfers the information to a new substitute or employee profile and retains the former profile as well. Now, a problem occurs if Administrators fail to create a new PIN before they click Apply Changes.


If you keep the same PIN for both, then Aesop negates the first profile’s PIN to recognize the new profile.


In order to fix this, simply click Change Pin and enter a new, unique PIN in the space provided. It’s that simple! This new entry allows the system to recognize the difference between both profiles and removes the error.