District Settings: Substitute Absence / Vacancy Settings

Master Data > Organization Information > Substitute Absence / Vacancy Settings

The Substitute Absence/Vacancy Settings tab has four main features:


1. Default maximum and minimum substitute job visibility
2. Preferred substitute list EXCLUDE takes precedence
3. E-mail, Web and phone notifications for substitutes
4. Substitute cancel penalty settings


Substitute Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Work Limits


You can limit a substitute’s hours on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis that will ensure that substitutes may not work more than the prescribed number of hours (in the single district) during a given time frame. These settings also allow you to dictate whether Permanent Substitutes should be help to these work limits, and the number of hours that these limits should hold a Substitute to. A district can chose to enforce one, two or all three of these work limits. Substitutes would no longer see jobs as available that would put them over their daily, weekly or monthly limit.

Default Maximum and Minimum Substitute Job Visibility

The Default Maximum and Minimum Substitute Job Visibility setting controls how far in advance a substitute is able to see or hear about an available job. The Contact Information tab controls the contact information given to the end-user (principals, employees, and substitutes).

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Preferred Substitute List Exclude takes Precedence

This setting determines the school’s control over excluding certain substitutes. If this box is checked, the school’s list of excluded substitutes will override any requests made by the employee.

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Even if a teacher chooses a substitute as a “favorite five” or preferred substitute, if the substitute is on the school’s EXCLUDE list and the box is checked, the substitute will not be allowed to accept the assignment.

E-mail, Web and Phone Notifications for Substitutes

Determines when and how Aesop notifies your substitutes of changes to their accepted assignments.


If any of the above boxes are checked, Aesop will notify your substitute when they are removed from an absence (either by way of removal or by deleting the absence).

1. Send substitute e-mail notifications: Aesop will send an e-mail immediately after an absence is removed or cancelled. The e-mail will contain a link for the substitute to confirm that he/she got the notice.

2. Play substitute notifications on inbound calls: When a substitute calls into Aesop, Aesop will play the notification, which the substitute must confirm before moving on.

3. Play substitute notifications on outbound Calls: When Aesop calls a substitute for a particular job; Aesop will notify the substitute about the cancelled assignment before going on to the available job.

4. Call substitute with notification: Aesop will call the substitute with the cancel notification within the boundaries of the Call Times.

Note: Usually it is easiest to either check all or uncheck all of the above notifications.
Substitute Cancel Penalty Settings

The substitute cancel penalty setting allows you to prevent a substitute that cancels a job at the last minute from picking up another job on the same day.  If the box is checked Aesop will penalize any substitute that cancels a job within the lead time window.  The lead time window is determined by the “Hours in advance” setting seen above.  The penalty is they will not be able to accept any job where the time of that job overlaps with the job that they canceled.

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For example: If the substitute has a job from 8 am till 3 pm and they cancel that job within 12 hours of the start time, then Aesop will not allow them to accept any other jobs that fall within the hours of 8 am and 3 pm on the same day.

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To prevent the substitute from accepting other jobs Aesop will create a System Generated Non-Work Day. This non-work day cannot be deleted by the substitute but can be deleted by the Aesop Administrator.

The substitute will receive a warning when they go to cancel a job:

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Substitute Cancel Multi-Day Absence Settings

If checked, this setting will allow a substitute to cancel one day out of a multi-day absence. The “Hours in advance to allow substitute to cancel out of a multi-day assignment” determines how many hours before the canceled job’s start time the substitute may cancel.