Basics of Aesop Calling

One of the ways that Aesop fills jobs in your district is by calling out to your substitutes. Here are some of the basics of how Aesop calling works.

  • Aesop does not begin to call unless the absence is still unfilled two days prior to the start of the absence. The one exception to this rule is if the employee has set up a preferred substitute as a favorite sub. A call to a favorite sub will go out in the evening call period on the day that the absence was created. Aesop will also email the Favorite Five substitute immediately after the absence is created.
  • When Aesop calls, it will always call the employee’s preferred substitutes first. The Favorite Five will be called in the order that they are ranked. After the favorites are called, Aesop will call randomly to the remaining substitutes that are qualified and available for the position. An exception here would be if the district has set up their preference lists (school and district level) to be called in a specific order.
  • During the morning call period, Aesop will only call for absences that occur that day.
  • During the evening call period, Aesop will call for absences occurring the next day, the following day, or if the substitute is set up as a favorite sub by the employee that has created the absence.
  • Aesop will only call substitutes for jobs at locations that they want to see absences from. This will be based on the substitute’s preferred school list.
  • Aesop will not call substitutes who have been marked as excluded on an employee’s or school’s preference list.
  • When Aesop calls out to substitutes it will only be calling them for one job at a time. Aesop works to call as many substitutes as it can when looking to fill an absence.
  • When a substitute calls into Aesop they can listen to all absences that they are qualified and available for.

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