Aesop Release Notes – December 3, 2013

This Aesop Release will contain the following enhancements, bug fixes and modifications.  This release is planned for Tuesday, December 3rd!


More Help with PPACA!

With the Affordable Health Care Act still in the news, customers are learning more about how the regulations will affect their districts. We have heard from many of our customers that enforcing a monthly limit on assignments would better help districts manage their substitute pool.  In addition to the Daily and Weekly Limits already in Aesop, we are adding Monthly Limits based on your feedback.

Ability to set a Limit on the Number of Substitute Hours worked in a Given Month

These new fields on the Master Data > Organization Information > Substitute Absence/Vacancy settings page will allow the district to configure a monthly limit (with a user defined maximum) that would essentially ensure that substitutes could not work more than the prescribed number of hours (in the single district) during a given calendar month.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 01

As you can see above, these new fields are in addition to the existing Daily and Weekly Work Limits. A district can chose to enforce one, two or all three of these work limits.   Substitutes would no longer see jobs as available that would put them over their daily, weekly or monthly limit.  Read on for more features!

Personal Override Available for Substitutes Who Should not Have the Limit Applied

Some of you also mentioned that it would be handy to have a way to *not* apply the daily, weekly or monthly limit to a particular sub, so we built an override flag that lives on the substitute record.  This flag could be activated for those long term substitutes, or perhaps those substitutes that you are already providing health insurance benefits for.  Substitutes with the override flag activated would be able to work more than the district defined ceiling for the number of hours in a day, week or month. These new fields can be found by looking up a specific substitute and viewing their Permissions tab.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 02

Oh, and these flags are importable too! By using the substitute import tool, you will be able to use a header called “Substitute ignores monthly hours limit” and set that flag for many substitutes at a time, if needed.

Of course, we completed the circle by including these fields in Report Writer. In both the Absence Data section and the Substitute Information section you will find the fields so you can build custom reports to suit your needs.

  • Substitute ignores daily hours limit
  • Substitute ignores weekly hours limit
  • Substitute ignores monthly hours limit
New fields on the Assign Substitute Screen

We’ve added another handy new field to the assign substitute screen to show admins whether or not accepting this particular job would put the substitute over their “limit” of hours for that given month.  Pretty nifty, huh?

Aesop Release Dec 2013 03

Permissions Abound!

So you know, the permission we added earlier this year that will control which organization users and campus users have the ability to assign a substitute even if they are over the threshold will apply to the new monthly limit as well.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 04

We also added some absence log entries to indicate when an administrator assigns a sub to a job that would put them over the limit.

Search for School

We’ve added the ability to search by school name on the School list screen. Whether you click “little red school house” icon or you go to Master Data > School you will see a brand new search box at the top of the screen. This was added to accommodate those districts that have enough schools in the list to make it difficult to pick out the right one at a glance.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 05

If you are in one of our very large districts you will no longer see the complete list of schools when you first arrive at this screen; but instead will be able to make use of the search box to go directly to the school you need. Of course, the full list is always available, just use the Show Full List link. We think this will be a big time saver for our largest districts!

Aesop Release Dec 2013 06

Remove Substitute and Tag as a “No Show”

Many of you have indicated that you want a way to track if a substitute did not report to an assignment. We’ve added another choice to the list when an administrator removes a substitute for “Substitute (No Show)”. You can create a handy report using report writer to identify these substitutes and follow up with them.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 07

Private Vacancy Profiles

For districts that use Vacancies we have given you the ability to mark certain vacancy profiles as Private. This can be very useful for allowing only certain administrators to have access to specific vacancy profiles.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 08

There are a couple of new permissions tied to private vacancy profiles. First we allow you to control who can create a private vacancy profile. In the Vacancy Profile section of both Organization User Permission Profile and Principal Profile you will see a new permission called “Vacancies Profile Private – Manage”. If this is checked then the user will be able to create or edit a Private Vacancy Profile.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 09

The next permission is in the Absence section and it is called “Vacancies Private – Manage”. If this permission is checked then the user will be able to create a vacancy using a private vacancy profile. If this is not checked then the user will only be able to view a vacancy created using a private vacancy profile. They will not be able to edit the vacancy or assign a substitute.

Aesop Release Dec 2013 10

Customer Impact

Frontline Technologies will be performing a live release to the production environment. There will be no downtime impact to customers! The deployment will take place at 9:00 PM ET on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013.  We will be posting Aesop Edge classes shortly after the release, for a more detailed walkthrough.

Again, Aesop should remain available during this deployment to production.