Adding a Substitute to a School’s Preferred Sub List

Master Data > School > Preferred Substitutes

The “Preferred Substitutes” page allows you to designate preferred and excluded substitutes from the school.

School Settings - Preferred Substitutes 001

You can set a default for the list and override individual subs if necessary.  This applies only to substitute’s access to this school or schools/teachers grouped under this selected school.

To add a new substitute:

  1. Click the Add New Substitutes link
  2. Click on the alphabet letter corresponding to the desired substitute’s last name (or enter substitute’s last name into the “Search” box and click Search)
  3. Check the “On List” box to select the substitute (You can select more than one sub at a time)
  4. Select either Exclude or Include
  5. Enter your settings to override the default visibility settings if necessary (not typical)
  6. Click the Apply Changes button to save (or click Cancel to discard changes).