Why can't the employee/sub cancel an absence?

The ability for a sub or an employee to cancel an absence is determined by a setting in that user’s permissions. To change that setting first navigate to the employee/sub’s General Information Page and click the gray Permissions tab. Under this tab you will see the Absence Cancellation section. Choose the appropriate permission.

Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button to save your changes.

Another reason they may not be able to cancel is if it is too close to the start time of the absence. Check the school’s Cancel Cutoff Times.

Why can’t I see the “no sub required” option on this absence?

The employee’s permission settings determine if they require a sub when they create an absence. If you are not seeing the option for “no sub required” when creating an absence that means that employee is set to always require a sub. To change this setting first navigate to the employee’s General Information Page and click the gray Permissions tab. Under this tab you will see the Substitute Requirement section. If you want the employee (or admin who is creating an absence for the employee) to be able to choose if a sub is not required, select the option “can decide if a substitute is required.”

Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button to save the changes.

How do I set up preferred or excluded subs?

Aesop allows the administrators and employees to specify certain subs as preferred, thus giving them preference over others. These preferred subs are contacted first and have the ability to view jobs online before their peers, depending on visibility settings. Click here to read more about how preference lists work.

Check out the “Setting Up a School’s Preferred Substitute List” article for more on the details of setting up a preference list.

How do I convert a substitute to an employee?

Begin by navigating to the General Information page of the substitute you want to convert. Then click the Make this Substitute an Employee link at the top left of the page. This will automatically copy the sub’s information into an Employee record. Now, assign the new employee an Employee Type and a School and click Apply Changes. That’s it! Learn more here.